Nature Immersion

Wairarapa Nature Immersion offers guided group walks through various reserves in the Wairarapa region. The walks are influenced by forest bathing, a nature-based practice originating from Japan in the 1980’s. Since then, forest bathing has spread across the world, including to the shores of New Zealand.

The guided walk supports people to connect their senses with observations along the way for the purpose of experiencing a deep sense of relaxation. Numerous studies into the benefits of forest bathing have shown that spending time in nature, away from the demands of daily life, helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression while also improving physiological challenges brought on by prolonged stress such as high blood pressure. In other words, many of us could benefit from this experience!

How does it work?

Each walk lasts approximately 2 hours. This includes a warm drink of locally made herbal tea and a nurturing organic bite to eat at the end.

We meet at various reserves such as Fensham Reserve (Carterton), Carters Reserve (Gladstone) and at the foothills of the Tararua Forest Park, at Bucks Road (Featherston).

Each walk is unique, depending on setting and time of the day. However, you can expect your trained guide to take you through the reserve in a calm pace, stopping at various locations and inviting you to engage all of your senses with what is going on around us.

Whilst there are opportunities to share your experience with others, this walk can also be enjoyed in silence.

You can expect a warm and welcoming environment where the demands of daily life will feel distant, allowing you to fully relax. At Wairarapa Nature Immersion, we keep our groups small with no more than eight participants per walk.

The walk is suitable for all fitness levels, however contact us if you think you’ll require extra support or have questions about the terrain. The walk can be done in most weathers, but in case of an extreme weather event, we may need to postpone or you can opt for a full refund.

Upcoming walks

Summer walks to be announced shortly. Keep checking in or follow us on Wairarapa Nature Immersion Facebook Page for regular updates.

What do people say about these walks?

“Viktoria was very welcoming and put me at ease right from the start.
I found the experience itself very calming, and afterwards I felt happy for the rest of the day. I would highly recommend it to anyone who lives near a bush reserve to try it every day if they can. I had tried mindfulness before but found the practice technique a bit difficult to maintain. Forest Bathing is a very mindful experience, but by engaging all the senses in nature, it is a more natural and easy experience”

Lesley, Wellington

“Viktoria is a very knowledgeable, nurturing and kind soul, who made the forest bathing experience most therapeutic and enjoyable. It was a guided opportunity to declutter my mind, connect with nature through various simple, yet powerful reflections on the walk, and essentially come back home to myself. I felt refreshed, inspired and rested afterwards. I highly recommend this self-care, nourishing practice and experience to everyone. The benefits are tremendous”
Andra, 33, Wellington

“On the day of the Wairarapa Nature Immersion walk, I was invited to be connected with nature through opening up all my five senses to all things around me. That little walk trip left me feeling truly connected, brought calmness, induced self-reflection”
Vivian, 43, Wellington

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